Printed Circuit Boards

MSH Electronics build and inspect all our pcbs at regularly monitored ESD safe stations. We build to the most demanding standards.

MSH Electronics no longer use a tank for PCB cleaning, because despite the advances in chemical cleaning solvents etc, they still impact on our environment which with todays modern manufacturing materials etc is unessesary.

MSH Electronics – unless otherwise instructed – use leaded/leadfree solder with “no clean” Halide and colophony free flux, which can sometimes leave a harmless trace of clear and totally inert residue.

MSH Electronics do not design PCBs, but with customer supplied Gerbers or circuit diagrams etc, we will do the rest.

PCB’s built to the highest standards

“No Clean” Halide and Colophony Free Flux used as standard.

Prototype “One off “, or small and large batch quantities